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Balanced Flow Meter

Balanced Flow Meter Features

  • High accuracy

Multi hole balanced flow sensor is actually a flow rectifier, can effectively eliminate swirl and distorted velocity distribution improvements, the ideal state of the flow field approximation, the conventional measure for level 0.5, high accuracy measurement for level 0.2.

  • High turn down ratio

Multi hole balanced flow sensor is a with multi holes, select the appropriate equivalent diameter ratio, favor the lower limit of the flow also give consideration to the upper limit flow ,making the conventional measure flow turndown ratio of 10:1, if appropriate parameter selection, turndown ratio can be raised to 20: 1 ~ 30:1


  • Low requirement for straight pipe

Balanced flow sensor can adjust the flow stable and pressure recovery 2 times faster than conventional orifice throttling device, greatly reducing the requirement for straight pipe. Lower straight pipe section can be as small in most cases 0.5D ~ 2D, a balanced flow meter can save a lot of straight pipe sections, in particular pipe with expensive special materials.


  • Low Pressure loss

Balanced flow meter multi hole symmetrical design reduces the formation of vortices and turbulence of friction, reducing the kinetic energy loss. In the same working condition without reducing the differential pressure, balance flow meter can reduce 1/2~1/3 permanent pressure loss comparing with the conventional throttle device to reduce the cost.


  • Good repeatability and long-term stability

Balanced flow sensor of SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS is with stable flow to improved repeatability up 0.1%.
Balanced flow meter multiple circulation holes dispersed by force, no acute wear, its β value of long-term unchanged to maintain stability, the whole instrument with no moving parts , extend the service life of 5 to 10 times faster than conventional throttling device .


  • Not easy to block by dirty

Porous symmetrical balanced design reduces the formation of vortex turbulent shear force fit , thereby greatly reducing the formation of dead zone residence , dirty media to ensure a plurality of holes pass , reducing the chance of fluid holes are blocked .


  • Wide application range

Working temperature and pressure of balanced flow sensor is decided by pipe and flange material, it can reach to 800 ℃, 42MPa or higher temperature, pressure medium. Suitable for cryogenic fluid LNG liquid air , liquid ammonia , liquid oxygen, liquid fluoride , liquefied ethylene, liquid hydrogen , chlorine , etc., can effectively prevent vaporization , measuring good effect.